Fashion Magazines vs. Online Content – Is Print Dying Out?

Its been a while since I’ve blogged and I feel like now I’m back at uni and it’s my third and final year, the slow posting may unfortunately continue. Its the end of my first week back and we’ve already been thrown in the deep end with research for our final major project and our

05 Oct 2013

LOOK High Street Hottest Shoot

I’m awful. Everyday this week I said I would remember to go and buy Look to see my photo shoot, and everyday I forgot. Today’s the last day I’d have been able to buy a copy too, so I’m so glad I remembered. Even if it meant going out in the rain. (Bye bye summer,

09 Sep 2013

Exotic Taste Editorial

After a long few months, I’ve finally got back some of the images I helped style back in March. The images look great and will fit perfectly into my ever expanding portfolio. I just want to thank the guys I worked with for making the day fun and relaxed. I really enjoyed myself. Photography: Nisha Haq/ Make

06 Sep 2013

My Second Week at LOOK HQ

My second week has continued similarly to how my first week ended; Companies continued to email and call in search of long lost products and or to ask when their samples would be featured in the magazine. After my first week of wanting to dress a bit smarter and wear heeled boots and flatforms, I’ve

29 Aug 2013

My First Week Interning at LOOK

I never thought I’d be able to manage a 9am – 5pm week. When I finish uni in just under a year’s time and have to find myself a job and start a career, I know the only way I’m going to be able to really manage is to find a job I love doing.

17 Aug 2013

London Baby!

Yesterday I spent my day wandering around London. I love London. To get any type of job in the industry I want to be a part of, chances are I’m very likely to end up living there or very close by. I’ve always thought however, that living in London would shatter the magical illusion I

09 Aug 2013

My Bank Card Needs To Go Into Hiding…..

I’ve been shopping quite a bit in the last few weeks. Whoops. I’m saying most of them are clothes for my internship, so its all justified really. Although I haven’t treated myself to a load of new clothes at one time in AGES, so I thought I deserved a treat. I’m a bargain hunter. I’d

07 Aug 2013

July In Pictures

This month has been great for many reasons; good weather, good company and great days out. Summer for me is always made up of exciting things to look forward to and this month I got to do the things I’ve been waiting for. 1. Recieving the keys to my new uni house/ 2. Moving my

31 Jul 2013

A Hidden Gem

It all started off with Look magazine, a trip to the shop resulted in buying this week’s issue of the magazine. A couple of the captions on the front were the reason I picked it up and when I got home and started flicking through, the caption that I’d been drawn to didn’t disappoint. ‘The

24 Jul 2013

Do You Like My New Image?

I had the initial idea that I wanted to start blogging on holiday last summer and after a few weeks planning what I wanted my site to look like and with some intelligent help, it was created. Nearly a year later, I thought my blog was entitled to a bit of TLC (who isn’t?), so

23 Jul 2013
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